Claudia María Quirós Maya

Claudia María Quirós Maya

We’ll never have enough time to truly get to know someone, but certain specific situations, which come about after informal and spontaneous contacts or encounters, sometimes open up for us a world of information that surprise and astonish us.

Dorita came into my life as a reward from fate. She arrived out of the blue, at precisely the right time, full of virtues and attributes – close, affable –, as though she’d been silently waiting for the right moment to appear before me. As the days passed, I found myself in the presence of a professional successful in several domains, who could migrate with both exceptional ease and enthusiasm, who could grow limitlessly as she completed each of the tasks she set herself – a lawyer who at the same time was a decorator, a psychologist, a marketing expert, a yogi, and a writer.

When one talks with her, her highly-developed listening skills, her desire to be of service, as well as her straightforward words, induce one to step into a more humane world, where both reason and values help one clear the way to personal growth and the simple facts of life, and proves that we’re still beings in the process of evolving, committed to building a world of our own – a world of calm and joy.

When one reads her work, her life experience, together with her knowledge and her desire to openly share it, reveal an eloquent, pleasant, enveloping writer, supported by contagious clarity, serenity, and peace, which captivates and encourages one to both question oneself and commit to oneself.

Her simplicity, clarity, coherence, conviction, disinterest and dedication are some of the attributes that ennoble her and that explain why she has become so dear to those of us fortunate enough to have her around.