I just finished reading Informal Conversations, a book that has given me extraordinary hope with respect to both switching my OPERATING SYSYEM and redirecting my life, my consciousness, as well as my goals as a human being, embarked as I am in this journey of existence. I’m sure that, just as it meant so much to me, it’ll mean a lot to many other readers, who, like me, blessed by the universe’s generosity, have enjoyed both the fortune and the privilege of basking in the light of your kindness, of your inner glow and of your vocation to serve others.

The conclusive relation that you establish between our ancestral condition and our conditionings, both as members of a biological family and an anxious society full of expectations, has compelled me to look at myself in the mirror, in order to face up to and acknowledge my behaviors, my emotions and my thoughts; it has also illustrated me about notions such as true freedom – that kind of freedom which is so hard to acknowledge and profess, and that entails much responsibility as we advance in our path to paradise!

It truly thrilled me to read your description of LOVE, the kind of universal LOVE which lords over our lives, but especially of that kind of LOVE that you’ve always preached as an essential part of divine LOVE, which, in the cosmic dimension of the universal, is at the same time a part and the whole.

Your vision of friendship also moved me tremendously! Above all, I wished to imagine that at some point, as you considered this issue, I was privileged enough to be in your thoughts!

I believe that the redemptive vision of death that you submit is one of the most generous contributions of your book. In effect, I consider that such a vision of death, with some of its components such as illness, pain, and sorrow, is redeemed by its other components, namely love, harmony, pleasure, sex, and health… And in what incredible way you show us that redemption becomes real through the will, by means of tools such as prayer, meditation, deep humility, forgiveness, gratitude, and the intrinsic concept of love.

Thanks, Dorita, for being there…